The Tipping Point: How to Adapt and Evolve at a Critical Stage in the Client Lifecycle (Q3)

Session 6—The Tipping Point: How to Adapt and Evolve at a Critical Stage in the Client Lifecycle (Q3)

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The Client Services Series is an interactive seven-part webinar event built for agency leaders and professionals who are looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth. Sessions dive into the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign for a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).

Session 6 Highlights and Details

Featuring special guest, Jay Baer

The account is turning the corner, and gaining momentum. Some of the early foundational work (the builders) is showing real value now, and the client’s confidence level in your work is rising. Now is the time to go all in, and solidify the partnership moving forward.

But, just as things look brightest, your client contact, the marketing director, announces he’s leaving the company. The CMO, whom you clashed with a bit last quarter, is the interim contact until they replace the marketing director.

The good news is that you’re running a real-time, results-driven program, so you can always fall back on performance. The bad news is that with a new marketing director comes an array of variables, including the possibility that he or she will have a preferred agency in tow.

All of the sudden, one of your core accounts, which is providing stability and opportunity to the agency, enters the “Red Zone.” This is The Tipping Point, a period every agency, and every account, goes through. Except, in this case, we’ll work through it as a group — sharing insights from our collective experiences, and activating a plan to retain and grow the SBU account.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Push the envelope with advanced marketing techniques.
  • Integrate content and social activities to drive PR efforts with tech bloggers and media.
  • Pursue PR opportunities for SBU leadership, including speaking engagements and media placements.
  • Turn the loss of the client contact into an opportunity for growth.
  • Expand the social marketing program to include new technologies and techniques.
  • Maximize the use of SBU’s assets, including its existing customer and lead databases.
  • Pump out high-quality content packed with original research and proprietary data.
  • Dig into the analytics and Scorecard to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Focus on relationship building between agency leadership and high-level client contacts.

Joining the conversation will be special guest Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert and co-author of The Now Revolution. Jay brings tremendous real-world experience to the stage, having worked with more than 700 companies (29 of the Fortune 500) as a digital marketing and social media consultant. He’s also started or managed five marketing agencies, so he can offer his own tried-and-true strategies for success. Convince & Convert also provides agency consulting services to help package, price, staff, and sell social media and content marketing services to their clients.

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