The GamePlan: How to Connect Agency Services to Audiences and Metrics that Matter

Session 3—The GamePlan: How to Connect Agency Services to Audiences and Metrics that Matter

(Now Available On-Demand)

The Client Services Series is an interactive seven-part webinar event built for agency leaders and professionals who are looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth. Sessions dive into the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign for a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).

Session 3 Highlights and Details

Leading marketing agencies turn information into intelligence, and intelligence into action. They build campaigns that consistently produce measurable outcomes, including website traffic, leads and sales. Agencies must shift away from arbitrary metrics, such as media impressions, reach, advertising equivalency and PR value, and become measurement geeks obsessed with data-driven services.

Simplicity and agility are critical to SBU’s success.

In session 3, we’ll build the SBU GamePlan, and demonstrate a process for connecting all projects (aka epics) to audiences and outcomes. The GamePlan template will be provided to all registrants under Creative Commons 3.0. We’ll also lay the groundwork for agile program management via 37Signals’ Basecamp.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll cover how to:

  • Establish and segment audiences.
  • Define and profile buyer personas.
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of the agency/client marketing teams.
  • Evaluate needs and opportunities to align with other agency partners for niche capabilities.
  • Build the Campaign Snapshot, which guides the overall strategy and puts structure to agency recommendations.
  • Brainstorm the Epic Center, and associate activities, audiences and KPIs.
  • Visualize builder vs. driver allocations.
  • Forecast service hours using the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Create the month-one GamePlan with activities and time forecasted by agency pro.
  • Construct the GamePlan launch deck for client presentation.