The Reality: How to Make Partnerships Work Through the Ups and Downs (Q2)

Session 5—The Reality: How to Make Partnerships Work Through the Ups and Downs (Q2)

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The Client Services Series is an interactive seven-part webinar event built for agency leaders and professionals who are looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth. Sessions dive into the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign for a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).

Session 5 Highlights and Details

Invoice number four is on the way, bringing SBU’s services total to $32,000. While your main client contact, the marketing director, loves your team and is encouraged by progress thus far, his boss, the chief marketing officer (CMO), has decided to join the weekly account update meeting for the first time. He has suddenly taken a keen interest in the agency, and is curious to learn more about your performance to date.

The meeting kicks off with the usual small talk and pleasantries, then the CMO takes the reins.

He wants to know why you’re spending so much time and money on social media engagement and blogging. He’s upset that competitors are all over the tech blogs, and dominating page one of Google. He can’t go anywhere on the web without seeing their re-targeted ads, and now the CEO is curious to know why her counterpart is speaking at SXSW and Enterprise 2.0, and being quoted in Inc. and Wired, while she toils in relative anonymity.

Session 5 is The Reality. This is when relationships are made or broken. In this 60-minute session, we’ll:

  • Learn techniques to deal with client challenges, and personalities.
  • Develop answers to client FAQs.
  • Adapt strategies in real-time to seize market opportunities.
  • Address inefficiencies in the account to improve your team’s productivity and performance.
  • Deal with agency growth issues that are affecting system-wide workflow and capacity.
  • Take a proactive approach to churn risks, scope creep and service quality concerns.
  • Concentrate on closing the sales loop, and connecting your activities to results.
  • Prove value on short-term campaigns that drive the overall program.