The Honeymoon: How to Mix Builders and Drivers (Q1)

Session 4—The Honeymoon: How to Mix Builders and Drivers (Q1)

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The Client Services Series is an interactive seven-part webinar event built for agency leaders and professionals who are looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth. Sessions dive into the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign for a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).

Session 4 Highlights and Details

You’ve completed the Marketing Score assessment, customized the Scorecard and built the GamePlan. The client is anxious to get started, and your account team is primed to deliver. There are endless possibilities, and unlimited potential. The Honeymoon period has begun.

The first three months of a client-agency engagement are full of opportunity. Both parties are enthusiastic, motivated and hopeful. This is your chance to make an immediate impression with your processes, communications, dedication and performance. The challenge lies in keeping expectations in line, while mixing builders and drivers.

Builders are services designed to set the foundation for success, whereas drivers are intended to produce short-term results. Your agency’s ability to succeed and bring value to clients requires a balanced and strategic approach to both.

In session 4, we’ll walk through the first quarter of SBU’s program, from activation of the GamePlan in month one, to presentation of the quarterly review at the end of month three. You’ll be presented with scenarios, and encouraged to share thoughts and ideas in the private Yammer network leading into session 5.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll cover how to:

  • Activate builders to lay the foundation for long-term campaign success.
  • Integrate drivers to produce short-term results.
  • Establish a rhythm to client communications and meetings.
  • Conduct internal reviews of account activity and performance.
  • Learn to stay in tune with client perceptions and expectations.
  • Maintain agile project management and efficient workflows.
  • Fine tune client approval processes.
  • Establish monitoring and reporting systems.
  • Compile monthly Scorecards.
  • Conduct Scorecard reviews.
  • Prepare monthly GamePlans.
  • Build and present the quarterly account review deck.