Hybrid Professionals: How to Recruit, Train and Retain Top Agency Talent

Session 1—Hybrid Professionals: How to Recruit, Train and Retain Top Agency Talent


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(Originally aired Feb. 1, 2012 )

The Blueprint Series presented by HubSpot is an interactive five-part webinar event built for agency leaders and freelance professionals who are looking to transform and thrive in the coming age of marketing services. The full event cost is $495. All sessions are recorded and available on-demand for registrants. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. Read 15 customer reviews.

Session 1 Highlights and Details

When all else is equal — processes, services, pricing and infrastructure — it is talent that cannot be replicated.

Intrinsically motivated professionals who are driven to be great will redefine marketing agencies and the industry. They derive fulfillment from being a part of something greater than themselves. Their success is not defined by money, fame or power, but rather by the pursuit of purpose. They challenge authority and quickly tire of tradition, seek autonomy and flexibility, desire balance and value the freedom to pursue their passions outside of their careers.

These professionals excel in agency cultures that reward collective success over individual achievements. They care less about “why,” and more often ask “why not.” Theirs is a world of endless possibility, and they are the future. Your agency will be defined by its ability to recruit and retain the best

During this 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop processes to identify and recruit A players.
  • Establish a grading system to rank candidates.
  • Qualify and capture inbound candidates.
  • Assess and engage top social candidates.
  • Forecast workflow to determine hiring triggers.
  • Build a powerful employee training and education program.
  • Unlock the potential of entry-level talent.
  • Avoid costly mistakes when hiring senior-level professionals (i.e. the free agents).
  • Establish a highly effective system for talent evaluation and professional reviews.