Integrated Marketing Services and Value-Based Pricing [Exclusive Webinar Access]

Integrated agencies are few and far to come by, yet highly demanded. Today’s clients are no longer looking for one-off service offerings. Consumer buying habits, available technology and client expectations now require agencies to expand their suite of marketing services.

That said, 60% of chief marketing officers are unable to find an integrated firm to meet their needs for hybrid services, according to a study by The Horn Group and Kelton Research. So how can your agency prepare for this shift, and deliver on the demand for digital and integration? Below are eight tips to get you started.

  1. Invest the time and training needed to build capabilities and expertise.
  2. Make digital part of your firm’s DNA.
  3. Hire and train hybrid professionals.
  4. Become a doer. Make your agency a case study.
  5. Avoid shortcuts (i.e. resist the dark side of digital).
  6. Concentrate on content. Become a publisher.
  7. Create agency partnerships to enhance your service offerings.
  8. Build service packages around integrated campaigns.

Note that in bundling your services in value-based packages you can achieve economies of scale in production and delivery, and cut down on business development time. Essentially, if you can define the scope, then you can standardize services and assign a set price. Price is based on estimated hours, hourly revenue targets, costs and perceived value, among other factors.

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HubSpotGet an in-depth look at how to grow your agency business with integrated services and value-based pricing. Courtesy of HubSpot, receive free access to Session 3 of the Marketing Agency Blueprint webinar series. The webinar covers:

  • Integrating content, search, social, mobile and other digital services into your solution offerings.
  • Establishing value-based prices for your services.
  • Achieving economies of scale in the production and delivery of services.
  • Calculating revenue efficiency rates by project and by client.

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