Improve Client Loyalty and Agency Performance with Marketing Score

“The strength and stability of your agency is directly related to your ability to retain and grow accounts. Loyal clients lead to higher retention rates, greater profit margins, more predictable cash flow, and stronger referrals.”The Marketing Agency Blueprint, chapter 7

Stop the Churn

Marketing ScoreAccording to the CMO Council, only 36 percent of marketers are firmly committed to their agencies. So, how does your agency attract, retain and grow the right accounts?

It starts with a thorough marketing assessment of your leads and clients that enables your agency to forecast potential, align expectations and build performance-driven campaigns.

By gauging the strength of an organization’s existing brand, website, marketing mix, team, technology, processes and performance, agencies can better identify areas of impact and reduce the risk of eventual churn.

Introducing Marketing Score, a Free Assessment Tool

Now available in public beta, Marketing Score (@MKTScore) is a free assessment tool and marketing intelligence engine powered by PR 20/20 that can help agencies with the assessment process.

It’s built on the premise that every element of an organization, as it relates to marketing, can be divided into assets, neutrals and escalators. Assets are existing strengths that can accelerate marketing success, while escalators are weaknesses that require additional resources to improve.

Marketing Score screenshot

Using Marketing Score, internal stakeholders subjectively evaluate and grade their organizations across 10 sections and more than 130 factors — identifying opportunities and gaps along the way.

From an agency perspective, access to Marketing Score results provides unparalleled insight into the lead or client’s:

  • Foundation: What is the strength of their existing website, brand, infrastructure, internal marketing capabilities and capacity?
  • Platform: How extensive is their reach and influence among target audiences, specifically as it relates to online marketing?
  • Expectations: What are their priority needs and goals, and how do they align with agency services?
  • Potential: What is the potential for a marketing agency to have an immediate and sustained impact on their brand?
  • Strategy: What strategies and tactics are you going to propose?

This type of information can significantly improve business development and client retention processes.

Learn more about the concept, public beta features, and the product roadmap on the PR 20/20 blog. Or, sign up free today to get your agency’s Marketing Score.

Marketing Score Agency Partner Program

We’ve heard some incredible feedback already from agencies that have used Marketing Score as part of their business development processes during the private beta. We’re working on plans to build an agency partner program designed to help agencies secure, retain and grow their accounts.

In the short term, marketing agencies interested in using Marketing Score to assess their leads and clients can register contacts through a Google form. While your lead/client will receive Marketing Score communications as a site member, they will be filtered out of email communications promoting other agency partners’ services, including PR 20/20.

Our hope is that Marketing Score becomes a valuable tool for marketing agencies, as well as a new business resource for partners throughout the agency community (i.e. we plan to share leads with certified agency partners).

Want to Integrate Marketing Score into Your Agency Processes?

Sign up today for the Client Services Series, an interactive seven-part webinar event built for agency leaders and professionals who are looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth.

In Session 1, The Marketing Assessment: How to Analyze Companies, Forecast Potential and Align Expectations, we demonstrate how to utilize Marketing Score to create a strong partnership foundation, reduce client turnover rates, and increase performance and profitability. Later sessions dive deeper in the planning, execution and evolution of integrated campaigns.

Note: Don’t worry if you missed the live sessions; all presentations are recorded and available on-demand upon registration.

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