Hiring Your Next Agency Pro: How to Conduct a Worthwhile Interview

Marketing Agency InterviewIn a previous post, we offered tips on how to define your ideal job candidate and set the stage for a great interview through a strategic application process.

Once you’ve vetted your list of applicants and extended an interview invitation, consider how you can make the best use of your time during the interview.

The interview process is like a first date—you want to make a solid impression, while also evaluating your partner as a potential fit. To help guide you in this process, below is a list of recommended talking points to incorporate throughout the interview.

Types of Questions to Ask During the Interview

Elaborate on the resume

Ask about included experiences to find out what they found most rewarding and challenging. Also give them an opportunity to explain any experiences that didn’t make the cut, such as personal accomplishments.

Are they open to learning?

As we know, the speed at which technology is changing has dramatically affected how we market and the tools we use. How interested is the candidate in learning new technologies and expanding upon their existing skills? Every team wants a lifelong learner.   

Are they a creative and strategic thinker?

Pose a client-based scenario or issue to test the applicant’s consultative aptitude. How creative and strategic was the solution they offered? Would this align with your agency’s recommendations? These types of questions may give you insight into a person’s thought process, ethics and approach to client work.

Are they driven and motivated?

You’ve already seen a list of their past achievements, but what motivates them? Is it money? The opportunity for advancement? To become an entrepreneur or published author? Make sure their goals align with the goals of your agency, and that they understand what a position at your company would enable them to accomplish.

What attracts them to agency life? And, what attracts them to your agency, specifically?

Agency life isn’t for everyone. You may work on or manage multiple accounts and personnel, fill several roles within the business, and have to meet a number of deadlines simultaneously. Make sure the candidate is prepared for the work environment and structure your agency offers.

In addition, make sure they want to work for you. Employment is a two-way street, and it is important to identify up front whether or not your agency is the right fit for this candidate. It will make them a more valuable employee, because they will recognize the value received by being a part of your team.

Leave time for questions

If the candidate truly cares about your company, the culture, client work and the opportunities you have to offer, they will come prepared with questions that are thoughtful and intelligent. Use those questions as additional insight into the research they did leading up to the interview, and to gauge whether they are truly invested with your firm.

Hire Those with the “It” Factor

As you look to hire your next hybrid marketer, search for candidates that offer the essential characteristics—innovative, agile, tech- and social-savvy, intrinsically motivated and a cultural fit. Ideally, these questions (as well as a mix of your own) will help you determine whether or not this candidate will be successful at your company and bring value to your overall team.

At the end of the day, as yourself, “Does this person have the “it” factor?” 

For additional tips on the hiring process, read “How to Hire Inbound Marketers.”

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