How Positivity Can Boost Your Agency Experience

positivityLet’s face it – we all get stressed or frustrated at work sometimes, which can put a major damper on your day or even your overall agency experience.

So how can you make sure you are getting the most out of your time at your agency?

Think positive.

Below I describe five benefits you can receive when you instill a positive attitude at your agency on a regular basis and tips to fuel positivity.

1. Control Stress

Nobody likes stress.

When you are stressed, you may be doing your body more harm than you think. Stress can have an impact on your mental and physical health, and warrant problems such as insomnia, fatigue and loss of concentration.

Remaining positive, even in stressful situations, can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and turn bad experiences into opportunities to grow. A positive outlook can also open new doors to different perspectives and viewpoints.

2. Enable Strong Teamwork

Your attitude impacts how you work with your co-workers. No one wants to work with someone who is crabby or unwilling to give it their all. Stay conscious of how you portray yourself—especially when it comes to negative emotions.

People appreciate a positive outlook and good work ethic, making you someone they want to work with on future projects. Plus, your good vibes may even rub off on your co-workers and empower them to start practicing positivity as well. 

3. Increase Productivity

When you have an enthusiastic and positive outlook on your workload, you are more likely to have a deeper connection with the quality of your output. A positive attitude pushes you (in a good way) to produce high-quality work on time.

When possible, look for opportunities to work on projects or accounts for which you are passionate. This gets your positive energy flowing, which can then spill over into other areas of your work.

4. Strengthen Leadership Skills

If you are in a management position at your agency, or hope to be in the near future, having high energy can help improve your team’s success. Positive thinking gets your team excited about what they are working on and their creative juices pumping.

A positive perspective also sets a good example for your team and helps drive an organic sense of respect. According to David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work, “leaders need to be extra conscious of managing their stress levels, as their emotions really do impact others.”

5. Boost Your Performance

How you perform often depends on your attitude and perception of your roles and responsibilities at your agency. Some factors are out of your control, such as heavier workloads due to team members leaving or increased client needs.

What you can control is how you handle situations and the attitude you take. A positive attitude makes you more excited about working toward and achieving your goals.

Tips to Become and Remain a Positive Worker

So now that you have an understanding of the awesome benefits a positive attitude can provide, let’s talk about how you can proactively embrace positivity. A few tips to become and remain a positive, happy worker include:

  • Address problems quickly and respectfully with the necessary parties.
  • Always treat you co-workers with respect.
  • Identify negative thoughts, and how you turn them around.
  • If you find yourself experiencing a roadblock, take a step back and look for opportunities to get past the situation. One recommendation from Your Brain at Work is to “take a break and do something light and interesting to see if an answer emerges.”
  • Build and foster relationships with your coworkers. Look for opportunities to have fun and get to know each other, such as grabbing coffee or lunch, hitting up a happy hour, or even making casual chitchat around the office.
  • Set attainable goals for yourself that get you excited about the future of your career.
  • Do not view mistakes as challenges or setbacks, but as ways to grow professionally.  

How do you stay a positive agency professional? Share with us in the comments below.

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