Oklahoma City American Marketing Association

Paul Roetzer (@paulroezer), CEO of PR 20/20 and author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, will present dual sessions to the Oklahoma City American Marketing Association on Jan. 10, 2013.

Morning Session — “The Evolution of the Prototype Marketer”

OKC AMADigital marketing has revolutionized the industry, and the job market. Corporate marketing departments and marketing agencies struggle to recruit and retain qualified professionals for career paths that did not exist three years ago, while academic institutions are faced with the need to adapt curriculums to the real-time nature of business.

In his morning OKC AMA presentation, “The Evolution of the Prototype Marketer,” Roetzer will educate attendees on how they can become hybrid professionals, and keep their skills sharp in a world revolutionized by change.

Afternoon Session — “The Marketing Assessment: How to Use Your Marketing Score to Build Campaigns, Allocate Resources and Drive Performance”

Every element of an organization, as it relates to marketing, can be divided into assets, neutrals and escalators. Assets are existing strengths that can accelerate marketing success, and escalators are weaknesses that require additional resources to build and improve.

In his afternoon presentation, Roetzer will walk attendees through how to evaluate and score these elements, in order to devise marketing strategies; select the right marketing agency partners; allocate time, money and talent; and adapt resources and priorities based on performance.

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