The Indispensable Agency: Marketing Talent, Technology, and Strategy

Seventy percent of CMOs expect the marketing function to fundamentally change in the next five years, according to Accenture’s Turbulence for the CMO report. Yet, 39% of CMOs say they do not have the right people, tools and resources to meet their marketing objectives.

This presents invaluable growth opportunities for agencies to fill talent, technology and strategy gaps. Below are key findings from the 2014 Marketing Score Report, which takes an inside look at how 318 marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs rate their organizations, using 132 factors across 10 sections. Insight derived from the report can be used to help you better position your agency in 2014.

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Marketing Talent

Organizations lack confidence in their internal marketing teams, which are particularly weak in key digital marketing skills.

With the exception of strategic planning (6.2) and website management (6.1), on average, organizations rated their internal marketing teams weak in all 15 skills that should be considered as part of a modern marketing team.

Marketing Team Strength

Winning agencies develop recruiting and training programs designed to attract and nurture hybrid marketers who can deliver on the full marketing mix—analytics, automation, content, email, mobile, search, social, etc.

Marketing Technology

Many organizations lack, or are underutilizing, fundamental marketing technologies—despite positive correlations between implementation and campaign success.

As an example, 26% of companies do not use marketing automation even though marketing automation high performers have an average lead-to-sale conversion rating 1.6 times the average rate of all others.

Marketing Technology Utilization

Those agencies that understand how to integrate technology are better able to improve efficiencies, maximize productivity and ROI, and create competitive advantages for themselves and their clients.

Marketing Strategy

The average overall Marketing Score is 42%. Marketing agencies, however, have an average overall Marketing Score 27% higher than non-agencies.

Average Marketing Score

In particular agencies scored 68% higher in content marketing, 61% higher in marketing team and 60% higher in social media marketing.

Understand your strengths as an agency, and align service offerings to fill strategy gaps in today’s organizations.

About The 2014 Marketing Score Report

The 2014 Marketing Score Report takes an inside look at how 318 marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs rate their organizations, using 132 factors across 10 sections. The factor ratings (0-10 scale) are combined with 27 profile fields (e.g. annual revenue, revenue goals, marketing budget, employee size, industry, sales cycle length) to provide strategic insights, and help drive change and improved performance.

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