SXSW Interactive 2013: Agency Panel Picks

JackelopeThere’s just something about the excitement and energy in Austin that makes SXSW a must-attend for marketers, techies and the like.

For me, some of this stems from the sunshine, live music, parties and unique Austin culture. The rest—and probably the majority—from the sea of interesting people flocking the convention center and surrounding hotels, eager to share their ideas and learn from others.

With such a pool of really smart individuals, how does the SXSW committee narrow down speaking proposals? In part, through community voting on proposed sessions.

To help you evaluate the panel possibilities (and there are many), Marketing Agency Insider compiled our favorites for agency professionals below. Voting is open until August 31, so make sure to get your pick on!

Agency Content that We’d Like to See at SXSW


This panel will dive into client instant gratification, and the implication’s today’s real-time world has on how agencies are structured, professionals are compensated and work/life balance is achieved. Speakers include: Jeff Brecker (@breckdaddy), Saneel Radia (@saneel) and Jason Harris (@jason_harris).

Let’s Get Paid: A Debate

Andy Budd (@andybudd) and Jon Lax (@jlax) will debate agency pricing structures—such as billable hours and value-based pricing—and the pros and cons of each. Want our take? We say adios to billable hours

Is Big Still Beautiful?

Today’s new agency landscape has leveled the playing field, enabling smaller agencies to compete against the big ones. This session will ask the question: Can David really beat Goliath? It will also show ways in which big and small companies have partnered together for success. Insight provided by: Jack Bamberger (@JackBamberger), Teressa Iezzi (@tiezzi), Bill Clifford (@Bill_Clifford) and Brandon Berger (@brandonberger).

Agency Swap: A US/UK Creative Exchange

Like the TV show Wife Swap, this agency exchanged one of its U.S. creative directors for a U.K one, and vice versa. Their goal: To test how global their ideas are, and whether or not environment impacts creative work. The test subjects spent three weeks in their new environments, and blogged about and video-recorded their experiences. I love a good experiment, so I’d love to see how this one turned out.

Integrated Production: The New Agency Model

Robert Berris (@robertberris) and Matt Faris (@bionicmattfaris) from 22squared will explore the need for integrated services, and how this affects ideation, collaboration and staffing. Working at an integrated agency myself, I can’t help but want to hear what they have to say.

Agile Marketing for Interactive Agencies & Clients

Want a more effective, efficient agency? Agile marketing may be the answer. Jack Skeels and Jose Villa (@jrvilla) will touch on the Agile Marketing Program Framework (AMPF), and how implementation can lead to greater program velocity.

For insight into agencies that have applied agile, also check out: Agile for Agencies: Secrets of Scrum and Can a Digital Agency Use Agile? Lessons Learned. Both sessions feature actual agency stories.

Building Next-Generation Marketing Agencies

This panel, moderated by Marketing Agency Insider’s own Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) will address timely agency topics, including: integrated services, performance metrics, the talent gap, and alternative pricing models, among others. Panelists include Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), Jay Baer (@jaybaer) and Peter Caputa (@pc4media).

What Are Your Favorites?

Have you browsed the proposed panels? If so, share with us your favorites in the comments below.

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