Successful Agency Partnerships

Agency/client relationships take time, and patience, to develop and prosper.

They don’t happen by chance. The most profitable relationships (for both parties) are built by design on a foundation of mutual respect, results-focused strategies, and a commitment to continually adapt and evolve.

Marketers who learn how to navigate this two-way road stand to reap the greatest benefits from agency relationships, driving more success in their campaigns, building valuable extensions of their internal teams, and delivering results that directly affect the bottom line.

Just like personal relationships, when you spend more time arguing or apologizing than actually working toward your common goals, it’s not the right match.

However, when agencies elevate their service to truly impact their clients’ businesses and careers, they become more than providers. They become partners.

Evaluating, Hiring and Managing Firms

The following presentation by Paul Roetzer for the Cleveland chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), discusses the opportunities for agencies and marketers to build more strategic and productive partnerships in the new marketing agency ecosystem.

Unlocking the Potential of Modern Marketing Agencies