Propel Client and Agency Growth with Exclusive Marketing Templates and Resources [Limited-Time Offer]

Marketing Performance BlueprintThe best agencies staff accounts with modern marketers, continually apply advances in technology, run integrated, inbound programs, and prove value to clients via measurable bottom-line results. However, making the shift to digital—both within agency departments and among legacy client accounts—is not always easy.

In The Marketing Performance Blueprint, Paul Roetzer outlined many of the challenges—complacency, conservative cultures, legacy technology, internal politics, etc.—marketers face. Are you equipped to help your agency and clients navigate these obstacles, and reap the benefits of performance-driven marketing campaigns?

To help you fill talent, tech and strategy gaps at your agency, we’re offering a collection of exclusive resources with bulk purchases of The Marketing Performance Blueprint. Packages are available for 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 300 and 500 copies. 

Sample features include:

  • The Marketing Growth HackathonTM webinar and toolkit: PR 20/20 featured the marketing hackathon a few months ago, and since then it’s proven to be a powerful and fast-paced approach to strategy building. Learn the six-step framework to hold an accelerated planning session, and help your clients quickly identify campaigns with the greatest probability of impacting business results. The toolkit includes an on-demand webinar, session deck and workbook.
  • Performance Pack Plus: You may have downloaded the Performance Pack, full of tools and templates that complement the book. We’re now offering the Performance Pack Plus, a new workbook with more exclusive downloads designed to help you better assess your clients’ businesses and align talent, tech and strategy to maximize performance. This download includes:
    • Comprehensive marketing audit with 50+ questions to guide strategic planning for your clients.
    • Marketing technology assessment template.
    • Content marketing calendar template.
    • Agency partner rating worksheet.
  • 60-minute Q&A with the author: Paul Roetzer will take your questions on marketing talent, tech, strategy and performance in an exclusive Q&A session. Only readers that take advantage of this offer will be invited to the hour-long conference call.
  • Custom Marketing Score Briefs: Marketing Score, as featured in Chapter 8, is an online marketing assessment tool built to rate the strength of business and marketing foundations, forecast potential, and align expectations. In your one-on-one session, Paul will analyze your agency’s Marketing Score report and outline key findings related to business and marketing foundations. Together, you’ll uncover opportunities to boost marketing performance and discuss how to allocate time, money and talent to maximize resources.
  • One-on-one consulting sessions: For a limited time, you can earn up to three hours of strategy consulting with Paul. In these ask-him-anything sessions, discuss strategic planning, point pricing, inbound marketing, agency management and more.

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We’re also giving away:

  • Google Analytics dashboards
  • Free digital copies of the book
  • On-demand access to The Marketing Performance Blueprint webinar series
  • Keynote presentations and strategy workshops

We’ve included battle-tested tools and strategies that our team uses daily, and bundled them with copies of the book and personalized consulting to give you an all-in-one toolkit. We hope these resources help you, and your clients, advance your talent, adapt to new technology, evolve marketing strategy, and accelerate performance.

Place a bulk order by April 15, 2016, and you’ll gain access to the limited-time offer. Contact us if you have any questions.

Marketing Performance Blueprint Bulk Buy

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