Marketing AI Institute Launches AI Academy

Featuring The Intelligently Automated Agency Certification (& More)

As an agency, our clients demand that we’re at the edge of innovation—and that we’re continually bringing the best ideas to the table.

For years we’ve delivered on this promise through marketing automation platforms. We see marketing AI as the next industry evolution that will continue to drive growth, efficiency, and personalized experiences at scale.

Here’s an excerpt from the Marketing AI Institute’s about page, as penned by founder and CEO, Paul Roetzer:

“As the number of connected consumers and devices expands, the amount of data produced exponentially increases. Meanwhile, marketers’ ability to filter through the noise and turn data into actionable intelligence remains limited by biases, beliefs, education, experiences, knowledge and brainpower.

In other words, we have a finite ability to process information, build strategies, create content at scale, and achieve performance potential. While traditional marketing technology is built on algorithms in which humans code sets of instructions that tell machines what to do, with AI the machine creates its own algorithms, determines new paths and unlocks unlimited potential to advance marketing, business and mankind.

Marketers who can harness the power of AI will be able to do more with less, run personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity, and transform business as usual through new methods of machine-intelligent marketing. The opportunities are endless for marketers and entrepreneurs with the will and vision to transform the industry.”

Marketing AI Institute is dedicated to helping marketers understand, pilot and scale AI.

AI can seem like a buzzword. It can seem daunting. And it can seem like something you’ll wait for “the next generation” to figure out. But, it’s here and your ability to understand the potential of marketing AI can be a competitive advantage.

For agencies, marketing AI has the capability to automate, augment and accelerate operations, improve results for clients, and ultimately impact the bottom line. So, we’ve taken our learnings from the past few years and summarized them in the following certification course, available via the AI Academy for Marketers.

Course Spotlight: The Intelligently Automated Agency

Artificial intelligence presents ways for agencies to create more value faster, as well as automate, augment, and accelerate their operations—improving results for clients and the bottom line. This certification shows agency owners how to make their companies more profitable, competitive, and attractive to clients.

  • Discover how AI can automate repetitive, manual tasks, freeing up talent to pursue higher value and higher profit activities, as well as increase margins.

  • Enhance the value of the work you already do for clients by augmenting human creatives with machine systems to personalize, produce, and perform at scale.

  • Uncover strategies to turn AI from buzzword into a business development tool that drives performance and opens up new profitable pathways.

Course Level: Beginner

Instructors: Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer), Founder & CEO, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute; and Jessica Miller (@jessica_joellen), Managing Director, PR 20/20

Learn more about The Intelligently Automated Agency here.

A Career in Marketing Means Continual Learning & Development

Our team is constantly learning and evolving when it comes to the ever-changing world of business and marketing.

What started as a curiosity around the potential for AI in content marketing, grew into the Marketing AI Institute blog, conference, and now academy. Since its launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of marketers who crave more information when it comes to understanding and applying marketing AI within their businesses and careers (the Institute now has 17,000+ subscribers).

This mostly non-technical audience (i.e. no backgrounds in analytics, data science or programming) is diving head first into data, theory, and new technologies.

So we pulled together a great group of instructors, speakers, authors, marketers and entrepreneurs to share their resources in the Marketing AI Institute’s AI Academy.

AI Academy for Marketers

The AI Academy for Marketers is an online education platform filled with courses, certifications, and a community of forward-thinking instructors and marketers.

Topics range from data to sales and beyond. Here’s a few examples:

Find the full list of AI Academy certificates and courses here. And read all about the details of the AI Academy here.

Be curious. Explore AI.

We’re inspired by the opportunity for a more intelligent, more human future of business and marketing. It’s why we invest so much in bringing this vision to life, bringing resources to the table, and enabling marketers like you to join the community.

For all the details on the AI Academy launch, check out the behind-the-scenes story from PR 20/20 and Marketing AI Institute founder, Paul Roetzer — Online Learning: The Next Phase of Marketing AI Institute.


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