Is Your Marketing Agency Filling the Talent Gap?

Marketing TalentAs technology advances, it is dramatically affecting the type of professionals corporate marketing teams require.

With budgets shifting toward interactive marketing strategies like social, mobile, search, email and content, there is growing demand for tech-savvy, hybrid professionals who can perform strategically across service disciplines.

However, internal corporate training programs and university curriculum is not able to keep speed due to the rate of industry change.

As a result, marketing executives are collectively overwhelmed and underprepared to manage the next wave of marketing strategies. They are being tasked with marketing tactics that they traditionally haven’t had to handle before, and have few places to turn for support.

Hybrid marketers are a rare breed, and a talent gap exists—one that will only grow larger as the market catches up and more corporations realize the need for integrated marketing teams.

We’re at the advent of a talent war, similar to what we’ve seen recently with programmers and developers, and agencies are in the unique position to lead the charge.

The Talent Opportunity

As traditional marketers struggle to keep up, there is a large window of opportunity for agencies to fill the talent gap in corporations. With an assessment of your client’s team and a gap analysis of internal capabilities, you can have more educated conversations and customize packages accordingly.

Yet, with talent in high demand, it will be those agencies that are proactive in finding professionals with basic skill sets and training them into hybrids that will have a competitive advantage.

Invest the resources and time now to advance your team, and take advantage of books, online courses, webinars and conferences to stay abreast of new trends.

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