Boost Your Talent Pipeline From Qualified to All-Star Status

Agency StarsEmployees are the golden stars of your agency—but they don’t achieve that status by chance.

Finding outstanding candidates for your agency takes time and proactive planning. It should never be an impulsive decision. Throughout the hiring process, look for the best of the best, and don’t settle for less.

Boost your talent pipeline with these four tips.

1. Establish Qualities and Skillsets

Before the hiring process even begins, consider the core qualities and skills you look for in a team member. A good place to start is assessing existing top-performers on your team and what makes them shine. Some qualities you may want to evaluate are:

  • Ability to manage stress levels
  • Drive to learn
  • Strategic planning capabilities
  • Positive attitude
  • Powerful writing skills
  • Time management
  • Strong communication skills

Also, think of how job candidates can add new value to your company. Ask yourself, “What makes them special? What can they offer that no one else can?” This uniqueness is just as important as meeting the necessary qualifications.

2. Commit to Ongoing Recruitment

Recruitment should never stop. Even when you aren’t in need of new employees, continue to network and build connections. This gives you the opportunity to really breakdown candidate options and ample time to find solid prospects.

Agency life can be unpredictable, leaving the potential for a job opening to rise quickly. Consider conducting informational interviews with individuals of interest on an ongoing basis or inviting top candidates into the office. This way, you can identify who may be a good fit for your agency, should a position become available. If someone is extremely exceptional, you may even want to consider hiring ahead of need.

3. Stay in Touch

Always stay in touch with potential candidates, especially top prospects. Build strong relationships with contenders, so that when the time comes to hire, the transition is seamless. Establish regular touch points, such as the occasional email or lunch invite.

Provide them the opportunity to ask questions and gather information, so they really understand your company’s value proposition. By nurturing relationship before an opening is posted, you can establish trust and transparency early.

4. Build a Network and Utilize Referrals

Top job prospects are not always on the market for a new gig. Establish a strong professional network in your industry to expand your reach and talent pool. Some ways your agency can network are:

  • Attend events hosted by local professional organizations.
  • Host events or panels at your office.
  • Reach out to interesting individuals via social media.
  • Teach a class at a local university.

Another way to uncover prime candidates is by creating an employee referral program. Offer your team incentives in exchange for insight on who could have a bright future at your agency. Referrals often have a higher success and retention rate, providing more opportunity to grow your all-star team.

What strategies does your agency use throughout the hiring process? Share with us in the comments below!

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