5 Ways to Maintain Campaign Momentum During Transitional Periods

Resignation LetterYour account manager quits. Your client contact is transitioned to a new position. A new person steps in. Whatever the reason, personnel turnover—on both the client and agency side—is a reality.

However, in professional services, the loss of one crucial relationship could mean life or death for the account. Therefore, when a void in the relationship surfaces, it’s up to you to make certain all hell doesn’t break loose. Below, we offer five tips to maintain campaign momentum during transitional periods, and ensure a smooth handoff.

1.) Transparent Systems and Processes

Be prepared for transitions by having transparent systems and processes in place that all employees use and adhere to. Use CRM and project management tools to keep ongoing records of all communications, messages, task lists and files in one central location.

This makes it much easier to transfer knowledge and pick up where the campaign left off should a main contact be removed from the picture. It also eliminates the possibility that important messages and documents will vanish along with the employee’s email or desktop. We prefer Highrise and Basecamp for this kind of management.

2.) More Than One Person in the Know

While one person may be leading the charge, multiple team members should always know what’s going on with an account. This way, if something happens to your account manager, the rest of the team isn’t scrambling to figure out details and fill in holes. They’ll at least have a sound understanding of the overall strategy and direction.

3.) Multi-Tier Relationships

Along the same lines, try and form multiple relationships with people inside your client’s organization—beyond your main client contact. The more people that know and respect your agency, the better chances you have of sticking around when a main contact doesn’t. If you’re lucky, you may even already have a relationship with the person that fills their shoes (if they hire or reorganize from within).

4.) Commit to Quality Service

While quality service is a requirement at all stages of the campaign, it is absolutely crucial during times of transition, as you don’t have historical relationships to fall back on. The last thing you want is your new contact questioning your performance and value. Go above and beyond to prove your worth from the starting gate, and kick your new relationship off to a fresh and successful start.

5.) See it as an Opportunity

Use the transition as an opportunity to advance the campaign forward. Account transitions allow new perspectives and ideas into the mix. Take a step back, evaluate the program to date, and brainstorm ways you can improve upon it. With new people leading the charge, you may be able to breathe new life into routine strategies. 

Share Your Experiences

When an account changes hands, what challenges have you run into? How did you respond, and what tips do you have for other agency professionals?

Share your experiences below.

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