5 Campaign Management Tips for New Clients

handshakeWhen you bring on a new client, it’s important to build trust and loyalty from day one.

The first few months of a client campaign offer an immediate chance to impress with your processes, communications, dedication and performance. Below are five tips to do just that.

1.) Always be Transparent

Make sure that your client is always in the loop on activities, progress and performance. Transparency builds trust.

In addition to regular check-in emails or calls, we recommend giving the client access to your project management system so that they can login and view project statuses at anytime. (See this post for pointers using 37 Signals’ Basecamp.)

2.) Surprise and Delight

Go above and beyond to surpass client expectations, and prove your agency’s worth. Live by the mantra: “Under promise, over deliver.”

If necessary, be willing to spend some additional time above and beyond your approved budgets (especially early in the relationship) to build loyalty, generate goodwill and ensure client success.

3.) Connect on a Personal Level

Strong relationships are at the heart of all client campaigns. Invest the time and resources to grow them from the onset. Some tips:

  • Don’t underestimate phone calls; they’re more personal than email.
  • If possible, meet with the client in person.
  • Keep track of personal details (i.e. birthdays, kids names, etc.), as they are revealed. Consider adding fields to your CRM system, so you don’t forget.
  • Send relevant resources that the client may find informative or interesting.

4.) Set Proper Expectations

Be honest, and use assessments to set realistic expectations about performance.

But, don’t stop there. Also, set expectations around responsiveness. In order to get the work done and deliver the results you were hired for, you need to be able to focus without excessive distractions. We recommend setting your email to refresh once every 30 minutes and to set time aside during your day to focus solely on production. If it’s an emergency, encourage your client to call you—not email.

5.) Rev Up Excitement

Keep the campaign moving forward by getting your client excited about 1-2 projects. Whether it’s a CRM integration or lead generation campaign, know what will incite the most action and enthusiasm from the client.

No matter the project, always provide actionable next steps and deadlines.

Other Tips for Early Success

What other campaign management tips do you have to build trust and loyalty early in a client relationship? Share your thoughts below.

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